Corn Fertilizer 

Soybean Yield Boosters
Weed 'N Feed The WEED 'N FEED program is an economical and effective way to apply your fertilizer and chemicals. BF&S initiated this program in NW IA. It became, and remains, the standard of application for fertilizer dealers in NW IA. 

Liquid Lime and Herbicide


or 4-10-10


This is the choice of soybean producers looking for high yields. The potential of increasing soybean yield by 9 bushel and at the same time putting your herbicide in a neutral pH zone for better weed control. A small investment for a great return!
Suspension Grades:
BF&S offers computer formulated NPK suspension mixes. We custom apply suspensions to your fields in the spring to meet your soil test recommendations. You receive a uniform product that contains the same analysis in every drop. Even distribution means high yields. Soybean Starter:


or 4-10-10

This clear solution is an excellent product to apply in row crop beans as a banded application to meet your soils phosphorus and potash requirements. 

Corn Starter:

Maximize Corn Yields and SAVE Fertilizer Dollars! Essential nutrients go right to work powering young corn seedlings towards maximum production. Overcome cool soil temperature by giving young roots an immediate source of N-P-K.
9-18-9 A clear, 100% pure liquid starter plant food manufactured from the finest quality materials. It is completely safe and can be placed in the furrow or near the seed at planting time or foliar applied. Alfalfa Fertilizer
8-20-5-4-1 SUPER 548 supplies a completely balanced formulation of N-P-K with thiosulfate sulfur and zinc. The thiosulfate sulfur acts as a nitrogen stabilizer. 2-6-12 Alfalfa is a big consumer of potassium. This clear blend of fertilizer is an excellent choice as a foliar fertilizer to increase tonnage. Also a great investment with a super return - Increase your tonnage by 2-4 tons per acre.
7-21-7 or 10-34-0 Alternative starter formulations



BF&S handles a full line of insecticides such as Counter, Lorsban, Aztec, Regent and Furadan. 
See BF&S for costs and recommendations for use. 

AgLime      Benefits of Correct Lime Levels Can't be Overstated!

Dry Lime Proper use of aglime is one of the most important management inputs in successful crop production. Excess soil acidity is a primary constraint to high, profitable yields and long-term soil productivity. Consider some of the benefits of a sound liming program:

Aglime improves soil physical, chemical and biological properties

Aglime improves symbiotic nitrogen (N) fixation by legumes

Aglime influences the availability of plant nutrients

Aglime reduces toxicities

Aglime improves the effectiveness of certain herbicides

Aglime supplies calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and other minerals.

Liming Improves Fertilizer Efficiency  (University of Minnesota)

Soil Acidity N P K Cost of Fertilizer Wasted
Extreme Acid 4.5 pH




$ 48.54 per acre

V Strong Acid 5.0 pH




$ 37.71 per acre

Strong Acid  5.5 pH




$ 25.11 per acre

Medium Acid 6.0 pH




$ 18.94 per acre

Neutral Acid 7.0 pH





It increases root proliferation and promotes earlier above-ground crop growth, improving nutrient and water uptake while protecting the soil from wind and water erosion. Aglime improves fertilizer nutrient efficiency by as much as 50% or more and boosts the effectiveness of certain herbicides. For all these reasons and more, farmers are wise to invest in a sound aglime program. Aglime will put more money in their pockets.

Liquid AgLime corrects soil acidity and supplies immediate calcium availability. It increases the availability of applied and residual phosphate and increases fixation of nitrogen by soil and plant organisms. It improves crop yields and the physical properties of soils while reducing the activity of toxic substances in the soil. It is designed for fall or early spring application. "This is a Yield Booster!"



VISTIVE Soybeans are Low-linolenic soybeans that lower Trans-fatty Acids. Asgrow® VISTIVE™ Low-Linolenic soybeans are the result of years of research and development. 

Triple Stack You'll be rewarded when you plant RR/YG stacked hybrids. YGCB (Yield Gard Corn Borere) YGRW (Yield Gard Rootworm) RR (Roundup Ready, Poncho 250 (White Grub, Seed Corn Maggot, Wireworms Control) Ask us for details.

We have the full lineup of Dekalb and Asgrow varieties to meet your crop needs. DeKalb offers you high yielding Roundup Ready corn and soybean varieties as well as conventional and Bt hybrids. 
We feel the Asgrow Roundup Ready soybean line leads the nation in yield potential. And Asgrow's corn lineup offers a number of outstanding varieties with the Roundup Ready/Yield Gard Combination.


Agronomy Services

Crop Insurance and Maps


BF&S is now offering crop insurance. We help each Customer individually analyze his/her farming operation - their goals, their risks, and which risks they would like to insure. You pay the same price regardless of where you buy your crop insurance. 

Come to us and get more service and value for the premium dollars you spend!!  

Also, find out how to get FREE Digitized Maps of your farm through BF&S.

Custom Application:



BF&S was the first fertilizer dealer in NW IA to apply fertilizer and chemicals with a Big A Flotation sprayer. Flotation sprayers are now the standard among custom application equipment. You can depend on the BF&S innovative spirit to meet your needs now and in the future. We can assure you uniform application, accuracy of products applied, efficient use of your time and economical pricing of your fertilizer and herbicide with BF&S Custom Application. Let BF&S, with years of experience with custom application service, apply your fertility and weed control.

Soil Sampling

One of the keys to growing a bin-busting crop begins with the soil sample. It is the starting point for a solid agronomy program. Dean will map your fields, organize and take soil samples for you. After the results are back, he will sit down with you to discuss a fertility plan based on the soil analysis. 

Benefit: The cost of soil sampling is credited back to your account when you purchase lime, fertilizer and or chemicals from BF&S. Ask Dean about Grid soil sampling.

Crop Scouting

Once spring planting is complete, it is time to evaluate the new corn and soybean plants growth and diagnose any potential weed or insect problems which could ultimately limit yields. Dean will visit your fields and make written evaluations of his findings to help you manage the growing crop.

Speed Scouting for Soybean Aphid Use this handy form to check infestation levels in your field.

Harvest Help Use the following fast and easy yield calculators in your fields this year:
Soybean Yield Calculator   and   Corn Yield Calculator or Bin Capacity Calculator

Take advantage of FREE GRAIN HAULING from your fields during the busy harvest season!


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