Marketing Options 

Cash Sale

Sell your grain at current prices

Deferred Payment 

Sell your grain now and receive payment later for  tax purposes

Forward Cash Sale

Sell your grain now for delivery up to 18 months later. 

Payment is made at time of delivery 

Target Price Contract

Set the price you want for your grain. When and if our posted prices reach your target, your grain is sold.

Storage - All Grains

Store your grain with us and sell at a later date. Check with us for details on storage charges.

Price Later Contract

Deliver grain now and set price at a later date.

Basis Contract

This establishes the difference between your cash price and the Chicago futures price and gives you the option to set cash price at a later date.

Minimum Price Contract

Set the minimum price you will receive for your grain and receive the extra when the market goes higher.

Grain Bank

 No Charge - first 120 days


 On the Farm Pickup 

 FREE On-Farm Pickup of Grain and Friendly Prompt Service 



 Corn Yield Calculator

 Soybean Yield Calculator

 Bin Capacity Calculator

Facilities & Equipment

Our grain facilities include ever-increasing storage capacity which can be rented on a daily basis for your for corn, soybeans and oats. We've also improved our dryer capacity for quickly processing wet grain at harvest time. 

An electronic scale is used to weigh incoming and outgoing grain. Loads of grain are probed while on the scale and are graded prior to unloading. All of this means you'll be "In & Out" of BF&S quickly during harvest.


Farm Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Talk to Curt about this plan - he can help you out!
Far above target price and normally in the top 1/3 of historical price range.
Prices near target levels. Sell 50% using forward price and 50% using minimum price. This gives 100% downside protection and 50% upside opportunity. Vary percentage with risk of yield reduction. Some areas may need to go to 100% minimum price; others may use as little as 25%.
Use Target Contract to try to achieve desired target before harvest. If not available by harvest, sell 100% of the crop using a combination of Forward Contracts and Minimum Price Contracts.


Sell at or above your projected target price, and still maintain flexibility if you have a shortfall in yields.


Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

LDP's for Iowa Counties

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