BF&S Step Saver is proving its value!

In addition to residential homes, we deliver softener salt to Retirement Facilities, Restaurants, Hotels,  Manufacturers, Dairies, Car Washes, and many more commercial locations.

If you live in Sioux, O'Brien, Lyon, Osceola, Dickinson, Clay, Plymouth, Cherokee, Buena Vista or Woodbury county in NW Iowa, we can help you out!

What is the BF&S Salt Delivery System?

BF&S StepSaver is the delivery of water softener salt to your home or business. But, the salt is delivered in a way you've never seen before! We use a patented delivery system to move softener salt from our delivery vehicle, through a hose and pipeline, directly into your brine tank. A scale ticket printout accompanies each billing. No more heavy bags to carry - It's an automatic hands-free method to place salt in your softener brine tank. 

BF&S uses a Patented Metered Delivery System

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Why BF&S Salt Delivery?

BF&S Salt Delivery system delivers bulk salt at competitive prices to your home or business without delivery personnel entering your premises. 

1 No need to be present for delivery 6 No bags to dispose of
2 No heavy bags to lift or carry down steps 7 No need for extra salt inventory
3 No delivery people enter your premises 8 No risk of back injury
4 No worry about running out of salt 9 No time wasted filling the softener
5 Competitive salt pricing 10 Salt is weighed and metered so you are charged only for the exact amount of salt used

How do I Get Started?

1 Call 1-800-728-1128 or email us at Request a BF&S Salt Delivery Hookup - be sure to give us your name, address, phone number.
2 BF&S Personnel will schedule a time with you to make the installation.
3 BF&S Personnel will install a 2 inch pipeline into your home and replace your brine tank designed for BF&S Salt Delivery. This takes one to two hours on average.
4 We will fill your brine tank with salt through our patented method of delivery and schedule you for future deliveries automatically. You pay ONLY for the amount of salt delivered - NO DELIVERY FEE!


If you are not satisfied, we'll uninstall the system at no cost to you!

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